The efficient management of worldwide bank accounts


Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. (SWISS) has 250 employees who have signing authorisations connected with various bank accounts around the world. Formerly, every change to authorisations translated into a time and resource intensive application and approvals process. For that reason, the company recently introduced the TIS Cloud Platform. The Bank Account Manager (BAM) serves both as a common basis for efficient administration of bank accounts as well as for the exchange of account-related information and documents. The solution considerably simplifies communication concerning bank account access rights.

Prior to implementing the TIS Bank Account Manager, SWISS faced the following issues:

  • Maintenance of local bank relationships in countries around the globe is essential for salary payments or for cash payments at airports
  • The principles of compliance dictate that it is to be known at all times who and where the authorised signatory is and that it is possible to 
       promptly withdraw or reassign the access rights
  • The overview of these global authorised signatories was previously often incomplete and outdated

To find out how SWISS, together with TIS, found a solution with which a single web-based platform was able to automate processes and help to achieve the company’s goals, download the success story.

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