Centralised visibility of corporate liquidity


Fugro provides the people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of our world’s natural resources. Providing the technical data and information required to design, Fugro constructs and maintains client structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Fugro deliver Earth and engineering data services, from project preparation through to data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation, reporting and consulting. Fugro’s services are specifically designed to support client’s engineering design and large structure building projects.

The Group’s payment processes were previously organised in a very decentralised manner. Each country unit managed its payment cycles and processes more or less independently. Approximately 50 different local ERP systems were connected separately to the local banks through a variety of e-banking tools.

Fugro faced following challenges:

  • Previously, payment processes at Fugro were organised on a decentralised basis and the Group was unable to manage them in a top-down manner
  • Straight-through processing of all payment transaction flows out of the ERP via a standard platform did not exist
  • To guarantee transparency through a clear overview of all payments worldwide

How did Fugro manage to standardise and automate payment processes and straight-through processing due to complete ERP integration. Read more in the Success Story.

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